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ORIS Professional Media.

A class of its own!

No inkjet proofing system is complete – nor can it provide contract-proof quality – without the right media. Based on detailed feedback from major publishers, printers and industry-standard organizations, CGS has created the ORIS Professional Media family of contract proofing media specially formulated for the stringent needs of digital proofing.

Of course, market requirements are constantly changing. This is why we have updated the ORIS PearlPROOF family and added an advanced OBA proofing paper with outstanding characteristics. ORIS PearlPROOF Universal NEW exhibits the great advantage of meeting the requirements of Fogra 51 (PSOcoated v3) and, with a paper simulation, also those of FOGRA 39 (ISOcoated v2). It is therefore possible to reproduce ISO standards within very tight tolerances. The new paper meets also the GRACol requirements. As a result, fewer paper roll changes are necessary, which leads to an increase in productivity.

But there is even more. ORIS PearlPROOF Universal NEW has an extra coating layer, which allows for shorter ink drying times, particularly with the Epson SC-P printer series, increased lightfastness and a considerably reduced paper aging rate. ORIS PearlPROOF Universal NEW offers a maximum of flexibility and quality at a very attractive price.

More information is available in the media specification sheet. For any further questions, please contact We would be glad to send you our paper samples.

The ORIS Professional Media family is made to CGS specifications under the strictest manufacturing tolerances ensuring consistent batch-to-batch quality. With their exclusive ultra-fine-grain nanoporous coating, ORIS Professional Media provide twice the surface area of common microporous papers, thus allowing for higher ink densities, uniform ink absorption, better shadow detail, larger color gamut and faster drying.

XG Inks

Unlike the standard inks, XG INKS have been specifically formulated for proofing applications. The light inks (Lc, Lm) have been replaced with orange and green and the CMYK set has been completely redefined. As a result, the printable color space is significantly larger, so that almost all Pantone® colors can be reproduced accurately, a prerequisite for proofing high-quality packaging.