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Are you viewing accurate color on your display?

Have you ever wondered why the colors you see on your monitor don't match the scene you photographed or the image you printed? That’s because what you see on-screen is only as accurate as your display. Displays all vary just in their "out-of-box" settings. And, over time, the color performance of monitors change – phosphors and LCD filters begin to fade, so your display starts to drift into unknown colors.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to fix this. Calibrating and profiling will optimize your monitor's settings for contrast, brightness, and color temperature, and allow you to see your "true colors."

Photographers who need accurate colors may benefit from many different types of printer or camera calibration, but as a minimum a color-calibrated monitor is a "must". Whether viewing or outputting, seeing accurate color eliminates trial-and-error – think of the time you'll save!