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X-Rite eXact Service Centre

It has been some time since you bought your eXact and you have never done a service and recertification on the unit. It is rather important to do it annually as the device gets full of dust and then does not read 
accurately anymore. 

Previously these devices needed to go to Europe to be serviced and re-certified but we have now opened a service center in South Africa to attend to this.

NetProfiler has been offered as a solution instead of having to re-certify and service eXacts. Whilst this is a good tool to use to check that the devices are still within tolerance, it is not advisable to rely only on this. 

A few arguments against this:
NetProfiler does a software calibration based on a very limited number of reference patches. 
Re-certification calibrates using a larger number of patches including a set of grey patches. Hardware mis-alignments are corrected during re-certification  - so it is not only a  software calibration.

The re-certification includes a full service of the device. Often the devices have powder and dust on all optical and electronic components. This not only effects the accuracy of the readings but will also effect the life expectancy of the device.  Contamination on the electronic components could cause the 
device to fail. 

During the service we check for firmware upgrades, and perform other important preventative 
maintenance which is essential for the accuracy and longevity of the device.